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Hi, I’m Ben. Writing my own bio makes me feel egocentric, but I suppose you should know a few things about me if you’ve stumbled across my blog. I have a few interests in life, and I combine them on this blog in a hopefully not-too-awkward jumble of thoughts.

I’m likely to write about analytics a lot, because I’m currently a Sr. Product Manager working on Adobe Analytics Premium. My career has taken me back to Adobe for a second go-around after a short stint at ESPN in Bristol, CT. Prior to ESPN, I spent five years with Omniture (now part of Adobe) where I was in support, technical writing, community management, and product management working with some of the best customers and brightest colleagues a guy could ever hope to meet and building industry-leading software for digital analysis and optimization.

I’m likely to write about sports a lot, because my dream growing up was to be a sports journalist and I almost never stop thinking about, reading about, and watching just about anything involving a ball (or, sometimes, a puck). I grew up in the Boston area, so (predictably) I live and die with the Red Sox and Patriots. My NBA team is the Utah Jazz, which was aided by the fact that I spent most of the last decade living just south of Salt Lake City. I attended Brigham Young University as an undergrad, and (gasp!) the University of Utah for my MBA, but I’m thoroughly a BYU fan in college sports.

Finally, I’m likely to write about my personal life, which includes my wife and four young kids. Most of my social life revolves around them. My Friday nights often consist of playing “Castle Bowling” (don’t ask), watching Phineas & Ferb, and jumping on the bed.

If you’d like to connect with me in other places, here is where my online person lives:

I promise I’ll label posts on this blog clearly so you can ignore the subjects that don’t interest you!


  1. Dave Scalera says:

    Hey Ben – Hope all is well.

    Selfish Question – wondering if you know what ESPN uses for Web Content Management? Do they have an Open-Source strategy? They are one of the target account for Acquia since we’re already doing a good amount of business with Disney.

    Any info you could provide would be great.


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